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We take pride in every interaction with our clients through personalized service in property sales and management.

Why Lake Valley Properties?

  • We are a family owned brokerage with over 40 years of experience in the South Lake Tahoe real estate market. Lake Valley Properties and the Lucksinger family are established in the community with broad perspective on the local market.
  • Clients enjoy easy, efficient communication from our team with expertise in multi-family, single-family, and commercial properties.
  • We are active participants in the community of South Lake Tahoe, through its schools, non-profits, and service clubs to benefit property owners and local tenants alike.
  • Our business success is not dictated by volume. This means that we carefully dedicate our resources to each client for individualized service and attention.
  • We are a source of expertise for other professionals. Realtors and other members of the community routinely contact Lake Valley Properties for opinions regarding the local real estate market.
  • Expertise and guidance for navigating the Tahoe Basin’s unique regulations.

Investment Property Sales and Management

  • Valuation – Extensive experience factoring unique local conditions to traditional investment models.
  • Management – Service tailored to each client with regard to property maintenance and tenant selection.
  • Real-time Information – Expert knowledge of local economic conditions for informed decisions.
  • Contemporary Software – Customized for each relationship with property owners and tenants, easy access to data.

Primary Residence and Second Home Sales

  • Living in South Lake Tahoe – Over 40 years of experience for understanding local neighborhoods, economics, schools, activities, and organizations.
  • Buyers – With our knowledge of the area and pulse on the local market, we can help you identify the combination of property type, setting, and location to get the most of your ownership experience.
  • Sellers – We have intimate knowledge of local trends in valuation, considerations for optimizing your sale, and targeted methods for marketing your property.