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Protecting your Investment

lake valley properties Protecting your Investment

It can take considerable planning to care for the long-term value of your investment property while it is also serving as home to tenants. When prioritizing improvements, you may want to think outside-in – this approach can help mitigate costly damage while also keeping your property attractive for new tenants or sale.

  • The roof. While modern composite roof materials are often designed for 30-50 years, it is rare to see a roof last more than 25-30 years here in the elements of the mountains. When the roof begins to leak, it can cause damage that tenants may or may not see, making it difficult to control for potential issues behind the walls.
  • Paint/stain, therefore siding and decks. It is recommended to paint or stain the exterior routinely in order to get the most out of your siding and wood decks, which can be heavily impacted by precipitation in the winter and our mountain sun year-round. A popular recommendation is to paint/stain the exterior every five years.
  • Carpets and interior paint. The standard wear and tear varies by tenant and property, we generally recommend these improvements every 5 years to maintain an attractive living space that attracts good tenants.
  • Interior remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms. These improvements can make the biggest difference in a competitive rental or sales market, the old adage about choosing as neutral of material and color as possible holds true.
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