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Simple Tips to Protect your Home During Winter Months & Freezing Temperatures

1. Heat should remain no lower than 58* during freezing night time temperatures. Even if you are going out of town and trying to save a few bucks, turning the heat too low or off could cause the pipes to freeze and break– wreaking havoc on the house and having a potential disaster on your hands.
2. Disconnect all garden hoses and sprinklers connected to outside faucets.
3. Open cabinet doors to expose plumbing during extremely cold temperatures to help heat filter in and keep the pipes warmer.
4. Drip hot and cold faucets in sinks or bathtubs to keep water flowing – even a tiny drip could make the difference between frozen or not frozen.
5. If you do have frozen pipes, keep a close eye. They tend to break as temperatures gradually warm up. Know where your water shut off is in the event of an emergency.
Stay warm and enjoy the beautiful snow!

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