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Simple Steps to Get Your Deposit Returned

As a tenant getting ready to move out of a property, there is always that nagging wonder on whether or not you’ll get your deposit back. Believe it or not, property managers do not want to keep your deposits and life is much easier for everyone when they can be returned in full. We like happy tenants and owners!  There are a few steps you can take to increase your odds on a full return:

  1. Set up a pre-move out walk through with the property managers. After reviewing your move-in check off list, they should give you suggestions on things that need to be done prior to move out such as thorough cleaning, professional carpet cleaning, yard clean up, small repairs like scuff marks on the walls/baseboards or soap residue in bathrooms, and any pet damage or evidence (If a pet was not allowed per the rental agreement you may be charged for deep cleaning and professional carpet cleaning at a minimum). If these items are not completed, the property manager will hire professionals and the fee will be taken out of your deposit.
  2. Return the keys on the day you stated you would move out. The owner of the property expects rent for each day the property is occupied, so even if you move out, but forget to return the keys or have to go back for one last thing, you will be charged rent as if still occupying the property. If the keys are not all returned, you will be charged a re-keying fee.
  3. Follow instructions such as leaving the heat on a low setting (not off in winter months), having all leftover trash hauled away prior to vacating, and leaving the property in as good as or better condition than when you moved in.
  4. Lastly, communication is key! If your move out date changes slightly, or something comes up, talking to your property manager about it is the best way to keep the communication lines open and on the positive side. Being a pro-active renter from the beginning and informing your property manager of any issues that need correction as you live in a property can greatly avoid you being blamed for issues that were on-going during your tenancy.

Most property managers like to end tenant relationships on a good note and it’s always nice to give good references for your next housing situation and the tips above will definitely help with that – Happy moving!